6T@22M Folding Telescopic Boom Crane

OUCO certifications

OUCO Marine/Offshore 6T folding crane Knuckle Boom Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane.

The KB series, knuckle jib box boom pedestal crane, are reliable for general cargo handling service and offshore use. Onboard various ship types and offshore units. Tailor-made to your required specifications in different boom lengths and lifting capacities from 10mt to 2000mt for different sea state working conditions. All KB series cranes can be equipped with different accessories and classes certified by all leading classification societies.

Adding various features and options makes the foldable knuckle boom cranes a multi-functional tool.

Main Features

  1. Minimum design standard: ABS and API-2C
  2. Failsafe operation
  3. Variety of control options
  4. Simultaneous operation of two or more functions
  5. Cr, Ni-Cr or stainless luff cylinder rods
  6. Heat Treated 17-4 stainless steel pins
  7. AISI 316 stainless fasteners (3/4” dia. & smaller)
  8. Zinc-plated graded fasteners
  9. Monel grease fittings
  10. Continuous welds throughout
  11. Pedestal interface to suit customer requirements
  12. 360° continuous rotation with limits available
  13. Acrylic epoxy marine coating system
  14. Factory assembled and tested
6T@22M Folding Telescopic Boom Crane

GA Drawing

GA Drawing2

Product Details of 6T@22M Folding Telescopic Boom Crane

Technical Parameters of 6T@22M Folding Telescopic Boom Crane

Packing and Shipping

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