12.5T Folding Boom Truck Mounted Crane

OUCO certifications

OUCO group provides customers with transportation chain hydraulic lift solutions. The folding boom truck-mounted cranes are renowned for their user-friendliness and efficiency. OUCO cranes ensure excellent performance work at the site.

Product Advantages and Features

The OUCO folding boom truck-mounted cranes provided excellent performance to transfer the cargo or machine parts within a limited space. The diverse product range offers optimal solutions for clients.

Main Features And Advantages:

    1. Excellent lift performance
    2. Wide working range
    3. Easy operation and maintenance
    4. Safe and reliable
12.5T Folding Boom Truck Mounted Crane


Max lifting   moment 26t.m
Max working   radius 10.2m
Max span of   outtriger 5.6m
Oil tank   capacity 190L
First boom   luffing angle max 78°
Second boom   luffing angle max 78°
Slewing angle 360° free
Hydraulic   working pressure 31.5 Mpa
flow 50L/min
Deadweight 4.5t

Product Details

Our company provides professional packaging and transportation for the products.

Packing & Shipping


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