26T@37M Cargo Marine Crane

OUCO certifications

The electro-hydraulically operated single deck crane is designed for handling containers and general cargo and offers to the client many advantages, such as:

  • Computer design with the result of robust construction and low dead weight.
  • All equipment is mounted in crane housing for protecting against the marine ambient conditions.
  • High speeds for hoisting, bluffing and slewing operations.
  • Two-fall operation at the hook for each load step, no reeving necessary.
  • Free 360° slewing range.
  • Can optionally be fitted with an auxiliary hoist.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Excellent positioning performance
  • Long outreach at an optimum weight
  • Robust design
  • All machinery is weather-protected inside crane housing
  • Level-luffing
1-26T@37M Cargo Marine Crane
SWL 26T@37M
Max working radius 37m
Min working radius 7m
Hoisting speed 18m/min
Hoisting height 50m
Slewing speed ~0.8r/min
Slewing angle 360°
Luffing time ~120s
Trim ≤2°
Heel ≤5°
Elec-motor Y250M-4-H
Motor power 160KW
Motor speed 1780r/min
Power source AC400/50HZ
Protect class IP56
Insukate class F working type S1

Model and Parameter for reference

General Arrangement of 26T@37M Cargo Marine Crane

Manufacturing Details of 26T@37M Cargo Marine Crane

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