Anchor Mooring Capstan

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Capstan is a piece of marine towing equipment that has a vertically mounted warping head, which winds but doesn’t store rope. The capstan can be manually, electrically or hydraulically driven, and consists mainly of reduction box, drumhead and foundation. Capstans are applied to mooring operation, positioning of vessels, anchoring operation, etc.

Main Features and Advantages


Both mooring capstan and anchor capstan
Simple operation.
Small volume, light weight and high load.
Chain diameter: 22mm ~ 102mm
Pull force: Φ30~250kN

Custom Capstans
We offer customized manufacturing for our marine capstans. To do so, OUCO need to know the drive type-electric electro-hydraulic, or diesel hydraulic, whether a chain wheel and remote control are needed, preferences of classification society, and the rated loading, nominal speed, and holding loading.

OUCO capstans have been applied to 14,000 kW oceans salvage tug, research mother ship for 10,000 deep ROV and ocean mooring testing platform, etc.

Anchor Mooring Capstan

Mooring Equipment and Its Function

Anchor Mooring Capstan is a Mooring Equipment dedicated to mooring vessels, designed for use on water transport vessels, steamships or supply vessels.

The mooring winch winds the cable, rope, wire or chain through the rotating winch drum. We can connect it to mooring points such as: unloading points, mooring bollards in docks and ports, buoys, etc.

The OUCO electric mooring capstan can rotate the winch drum while winding the rope, and the rope collection efficiency is higher.

custom anchor mooring capstan winch
black electric capstan

High Quality Capstan Supplier

We use IP56 ABB Motor, enclosed Wear-resistant gear, wireless control, Q345C material workpieces.

Drum-load (kN) Rate Speed (m/s) Light Load Speed (m/s) Dia. Of rope(mm) MBL of Rope (kN)
5 ≥0.30 ≥0.50 Φ9.3 36.4
10 Φ11 52.4
20 Φ13 71.5
30 Φ17 117
50 Φ20.5 176
80 Φ26 285
125 ≥0.25 Φ32 421

Anchor Mooring Capstan

Why Choose Us

Company Information

Company Information
OUCO Industry, was established in February 1984, covers an area of 48,000 square meters, construction area is 35,000 square meters. OUCO headquartered in crane hometown of Jiangsu Province where representing most advanced machinery manufacturing level in China.  OUCO has more than 150 employees, 20 were technical staff. Among that has five senior titles, 10 mid-level titles, and a total of 50 welder (who has got CCS, ABS and other main institutions’ certification). It also has professional organization certificated flaw detection staff, the quality system audit staff, and inspection personnel, etc.

Our Service

How do I check Anchor Mooring Capstan?

Check all equipment involved in mooring operations for problems. Such as mooring winches, drums, mooring lines, windlasses, chocks, rollers, and mooring pipes, Electric control box, etc. Routine maintenance and inspection can avoid equipment damage.

Corrosion of shells, painted and fixed deck bolts

Drums, controls and brakes for damage and corrosion

Water tightness of the clutch

Electric control box of Capstan
Electric Control Box Of Capstan
What tests does capstan need to do?

OUCO has stringent checks and higher quality requirements for every capstan produced:

  • None load test, Working Load test, Brake test
  • Check voltage and current during operation and nominal speed
  • Oil pressure and temperature, whether leakage occurs

In addition, we carry out temperature tests and corrosion protection tests.

Capstan operation test
Capstan Operation Test
How to check Mooring Rope?
  • Wire and cable, whether there are rust and disconnection
  • Normal fiber optic cables, wear and corrosion
  • We should check synthetic fiber ropes for wear and thickness

In use, check the load of the mooring rope, keep the rope tension appropriate, not too tight or too loose, it can prevent the rope breaking.

Check the tail size and material of the mooring line for uniform loading.

When you have completed the mooring operation, remember to check the load on the mooring line from time to time.

If the load conditions of the vessel change and it is necessary to keep the load within the normal range, loosen or tighten ropes to adjust.

In addition, the condition of the rope material is also important, such as the friction and changes in thickness, to avoid accidents.


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Service is very good!
By Augustine Heppner on 2022-06-10
Great, the cable reel has a great capacity!
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Nice Company
By Donny on 2022-05-07
Thanks, OUCO sent me the mooring line that needs to be replaced
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Electric Mooring Capstan is very efficient!
By Yessenia on 2022-04-15
Electric Mooring Capstan is very efficient!
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Nice product
By Sonny Demotta on 2022-03-17
Nice product, I already have it on my boat
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Pleasant cooperation
By Therese Benari on 2022-02-26
I’m certain we will be working together again sometime in the near future.
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