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OUCO offers a comprehensive range of marine pedestal cranes designed for ships and platforms. Our pedestal cranes are engineered to efficiently support various operations such as unloading, heavy lifting, offshore construction, and oil and gas production. They are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

With lifting capacities ranging from 1 metric ton (mt) to 300 mt, OUCO pedestal cranes provide reliable performance. Our hydraulic power units are available in both diesel-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic drive options.

Key components such as hydraulic and electrical systems are carefully sealed to ensure optimal performance, while the operator’s cab is designed with safety and comfort in mind, offering a wide view of the surroundings.

Why Choose OUCO Offshore Pedestal Cranes?

OUCO is your trusted provider of customized pedestal cranes, Our cranes feature modular construction, accompanied by detailed instructions, facilitating swift installation and commissioning within a remarkable 48 hours. Furthermore, the flexible design allows for hassle-free installation and dismantling at a later stage, providing you with maximum convenience.

We collaborate with renowned crane parts suppliers, offer three distinct configurations and provide personalized quotations tailored to your specific needs.

Rest assured, your order receives dedicated attention from our team. We meticulously monitor progress to ensure timely manufacturing and delivery of your crane, strictly adhering to the agreed-upon timeline.

OUCO Pedestal Cranes Advantages

  • Robust Base Beam: Effectively distribute loads to the deck/platform for stability.
  • 360-Degree Slewing: Experience unparalleled maneuverability, allowing you to reach every corner effortlessly.
  • Active/Passive Heave Compensation System: Ensuring a stable transfer of people and cargo between the ship or platform.
  • Anti Two Block (ATB) Device: Prevents crane damage and ensures safe operation, providing peace of mind during lifting operations.
  • Overload Protection System (OPS): This system minimizes the risk of structural failure or accidents, ensuring maximum operational safety.
  • Independently Controlled Winches: Offer precise positioning and synchronization of multiple loads, enabling functional handling operations.
OUCO marine pedestal crane advantages

Strict Standards and Comprehensive Certification

Adhering to industry standards, we design pedestal cranes in compliance with API Spec 2C, EN 13852, and EN 13001 regulations.

Additionally, our cranes come with certifications including ABS, CCS, DNV, LR, OSHA, and more, further affirming their reliability and adherence to international standards.

Latest Finished Pedestal Crane

Oil and gas platform pedestal crane

Cranes for oil and gas platforms, explosion-proof and safe lifting people.

Can be mounted on boats and platforms, bolted to the base by a slewing bearing.

OUCO small pedestal crane

Suitable for less difficult lifting operations, light, flexible and portable.

Telescopic Pedestal Mounted Crane

Wide range of applications for barges, floating platforms, offshore wind farms and ports.

Hydraulic Pedestal Crane

Full electro-hydraulically driven, variable Displacement hydraulic system for faster and quieter operation.

Lattic Offshore Pedestal Crane

Designed for high-capacity loads. Equipped with a complete pedestal for ruggedness and strength.

KTB-marine-crane manufacturing process

What is a pedestal crane?

The Pedestal Crane is specifically designed to meet the lifting demands and challenges of offshore platforms and other floating installations. Mounted on a fixed pedestal, this crane offers a robust construction that enables efficient handling of large loads with ease.

With its powerful lifting capacity and superior performance, the pedestal crane provides a reliable solution for demanding operations in offshore environments.

Cranes are installed at oil rigs

What is the use of pedestal crane?

Pedestal cranes find widespread usage across multiple industries, catering to diverse heavy lifting and cargo handling needs. They are particularly prevalent in the construction and industrial sectors, offering remarkable efficiency and functionality. Let’s explore some key applications:

  • Construction Sites: Pedestal cranes excel in handling and installing construction materials like steel beams and concrete elements, enhancing construction efficiency and productivity.
  • Ports and Maintenance: These cranes play a vital role in port construction, maintenance, and ship-to-shore cargo transfer, facilitating seamless logistics and optimizing port operations.
  • Ships and Marine Transport: Pedestal cranes are indispensable in loading and unloading cargo on ships, supplying goods at sea, and supporting ship equipment handling and repairs.
  • Steel Mills and Heavy Industry: With their robust capabilities, these cranes are ideal for the efficient handling and processing of heavy metal materials and machinery in steel mills and other heavy industrial settings.
  • Mines and Quarries: Pedestal cranes contribute to mining and quarry operations by enabling the digging and handling of raw materials such as ore and stone, streamlining mining processes.
  • Wind Farms: The installation and maintenance of wind power plants greatly benefit from the versatility and reliability of pedestal cranes, ensuring safe and efficient operations in the renewable energy sector.

pedestal oil crane

What are the types of pedestal crane?

These are the following types of the pedestal crane:

  • Stationary Pedestal Cranes: mounted on a fixed pedestal and used where continuous lifting tasks with high weights are required.
  • Movable Pedestal Cranes: with mobile capability, for situations where lifting tasks need to be carried out between sites.
  • Pedestal Offshore Cranes: The offshore pedestal cranes are created for long-lasting endurance. They can be used for harsh applications because of their unique capacities.
  • Pedestal jib crane: The pedestal jib crane features a vertical pedestal or column supporting a horizontal jib arm, which can rotate to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in a limited area.
  • Pedestal telescopic crane: With a vertical pedestal or column that supports a telescopic boom. The telescopic boom consists of multiple sections that can extend and retract, allowing for variable reach and lifting capacities.

Customer Reviews

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This pedestal crane's advanced safety features
By GestorvFirstlink on 2023-05-04
This pedestal crane's advanced safety features have been instrumental in ensuring smooth and secure operations, mitigating any potential risks.
star star star star star
Thank you for OUCO company,also provided the supportive
By Liyanage on 2023-02-13
Thank you for OUCO company,also provided the supportive KingPost pedestal , so that we can installed the crane easily.
star star star star star
I have been using the crane on a fixed platform
By Ashley on 2022-09-02
I have been using the crane on a fixed platform for quite some time now, and I am extremely satisfied with its exceptional safety features and powerful performance.
star star star star star
Jegkjøpteen kran forrigemåned
By Pantita on 2022-08-14
Jegkjøpteen kran forrigemåned, ogjeg er veldigfornøyd med kvalitetenogprofesjonellettersalgsveiledning
star star star star star
It has proven to be a valuable asset in my operations
By Eduardo on 2022-07-20
It has proven to be a valuable asset in my operations, ensuring smooth and efficient lifting operations on ships and docks.
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