Empowering Our Brand: OUCO at Ocean Expo Ningbo 2023

This week (July 18-20), the OUCO exhibition team represented our company at the Ocean Expo Ningbo 2023. We introduced our latest marine cranes, lifeboats, winches, and a series of advanced port and marine equipment to the attendees. We also showcased OUCO’s rich experience and successful projects in the field of marine engineering. This exhibition not only demonstrated our technical prowess to the public but also highlighted the professionalism and dedication of the OUCO team.

Live Experience

At the expo, the OUCO team brought a 1:25 scale model of an offshore crane and detailed the technical features and application scenarios of the OUCO ship crane to the attendees. As an essential lifting device, marine cranes play a crucial role in maritime freight operations. OUCO produces a variety of crane models, which can be custom-designed according to customer requirements. They are efficient, safe, and stable, attracting widespread attention from the attendees.

Comprehensive Product Showcase

In addition to cranes, the team also showcased the company’s independently developed lifeboats and davit systems. Lifeboats are essential safety equipment for offshore operations. OUCO’s lifeboats are made of high-quality fiberglass materials and excellent manufacturing processes, effectively enhancing the safety level of offshore construction personnel. Our davit systems are diverse and can meet the needs of various vessels, which sparked interest among many attendees, leading to preliminary discussions and communication at our booth.

Meeting with RS China

At the exhibition, our OUCO team engaged in in-depth discussions with the General Manager of RS China Headquarters (Tianjin) and the General Manager of the Shanghai branch. This interaction further solidifies our confidence in maintaining a robust partnership with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. With our extensive experience in the RMRS certification process, you can rely on OUCO as your top choice for RMRS certified marine equipment.


Our Respected Team

The team members worked diligently to showcase OUCO’s products. Everyone put in a great deal of effort and hard work, spending three days in an intense yet fulfilling atmosphere. Despite the hard work, seeing the attendees’ recognition and appreciation for OUCO’s products brought immense satisfaction and pride to the team.

In addition to introducing our products to the attendees, the OUCO team also visited other booths at the exhibition with a learning attitude. They encountered many exquisite replica models and small-scale equipment, which helped enhance our understanding of the marine equipment field and provided valuable experience and insights.

A group photo of OUCO at the Ocean Expo Ningbo 2023

Enhancing the Power of Our Brand

Participating in Ocean Expo Ningbo 2023 is an important step for OUCO brand to further expand its influence and market reach. By showcasing advanced equipment and sharing experiences, OUCO deepened its cooperation and exchange with other companies in the industry, making a positive contribution to the development of China’s marine engineering field. OUCO will continue to commit to technological innovation and product optimization, constantly enhancing its competitiveness, and providing superior products and services to customers at home and abroad.

More photos from the exhibition:

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