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Boom cranes have an arm that moves around to lift a cargo load. Booms may not necessarily have jibs. Boom cranes with powerful booms can relocate extremely heavy construction loads.

OUCO manufactures a large variety of boom cranes, including marine, stiff, telescopic, and articulating booms.

OUCO experts will design the most suitable boom crane for your application, specifying height, material, additional options, and lattice structure.

Our boom cranes for sale are versatile and can be adapted to your requirements.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Boom Crane Manufacturer?

OUCO boom cranes are certified with ABS, CCS, DNV(GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS. Every single order goes through strict testing to comply with regulations.

If you wish, we will accept third-party factory auditing to build a transparent business partnership.

OUCO’s advanced design and manufacturing technology make our boom cranes some of the most reliable on the market.

Boom Crane

We Use Better Crane Boom

The boom is the most important part of the crane; it allows the machine to flexibly lift objects to a certain height. We use octagon boom, which can withstand greater bending and load bearing, support load when telescoping.
You can choose Q355B / Q355D / ST52-3 / or other high-quality steel sheet.

Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer crane boom
3t40m telescopic boom crane

Multiple Options For Crane Boom

OUCO telescopic boom crane, our widely acclaimed product. The boom consists of a telescopic boom and a main boom. It is equipped with a boom rest to maintain the durability of the boom.
In addition, we also offer mobile boom cranes and fixed boom cranes. You can choose lattice booms and hydraulic booms.

What is Boom Crane?

The boom crane is utilized to maneuver large and heavy objects.

The boom crane comes in various features and appearances depending on the device type.

They typically handle different offshore and marine activities.

What are the Types of Boom Crane?

The types of boom cranes are namely:

  1. Telescopic Boom Crane – The telescopic boom crane, has large lifting capabilities. They can be set up easily, which doesn’t require more time. 
  2. Lattice Boom Cranes – The lattice boom cranes offer stable and exceptional performance. This type of boom crane can lift weighty goods.
  3. Knuckle Boom Cranes – A knuckle boom crane is usually used for transporting and other industrial applications. This is good for loading or unloading large products, equips, and more.
What are the Benefits of Boom Cranes?

A boom crane is a popular machine and device that bring a lot of advantages.

These are the following benefits of using a boom crane:

  1. Excellent Lifting Weight – The boom crane is the best choice in different business fields because of its extraordinary lifting capacities.
  2. Controllable – The boom crane is designed to control by the operator. They can function by driving, controlling, and maneuvering the human.
  3. Time-saving and Effort-Saving – Another best thing about the boom crane is saving more effort. A boom crane makes lifting jobs easily than manual lifting. It doesn’t take more time to move the goods.

High-Versatility The boom crane is easy to handle and manage to make them a more versatile device.

What are the Work Applications of a Boom Crane?

Boom cranes are suitable for delivery and hoisting heavy building supplies.

Mostly, it is used for fragile lifts because of its straight up and down movement.

Boom cranes are widely used for load placement. It is ideal for moving loads point to point.

It is also a perfect choice for moving larger loads from a job site.

Are Boom Cranes Worth It?

Definitely yes!

Despite the high price of the boom crane, they are still worth it.

The boom cranes are an excellent choice for different marine fields. They allow doing the lifting task more conveniently and easier.

In addition, the boom crane can do a variety of lifting jobs and handle heavy loads.

The boom crane does things that ordinary workers cannot do.

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By Thomas on 2021-11-12
star star star star star
This small boom crane is very simple but very effective
By Omar on 2021-10-11
This small boom crane is very simple but very effective, totally recommend it
star star star star star
Кранприбылбыстро, всебылохорошо
By Biffin on 2021-09-12
Кранприбылбыстро, всебылохорошо. Ужепробовал в работе. удовлетворить
star star star star star
The product arrived quickly
By Joriel on 2021-08-06
The product arrived quickly, in good condition and works perfectly. it is very useful. Recommended!!
star star star star star
Jag köpteen kran förramånadenoch jag
By Asra on 2021-07-06
Jag köpteen kran förramånadenoch jag ärmycketnöjd med kvalitetenochprofessionellefterförsäljningsvägledning
star star star star star
Compré la grúa marina de OUCO durantemás de 3 meses
By Manir on
Compré la grúa marina de OUCO durantemás de 3 meses, la grúa es muybonita. La calidad es alta. Y los ingenieros de ventas son muyprofesionales, amables y pacientes.
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