The customer has received OUCO 1.5T8M marine folding and telescopic boom crane!

On March 15, 2022, OUCO 1.5T8M folding and telescopic boom marine crane was shipped to the Philippines, and the customer has successfully received the product. At the moment, the customer is very satisfied with this custom marine deck crane.

Due to the Covid -19 epidemic, we were unable to arrange our engineers to the site for guidance, but we provided detailed manuals, documents and videos online guidance for customers. The crane has been successfully installed on the deck and has been put into service !

Next, OUCO will introduce you this marine crane and the process of this project cooperation.

The customer came from a ship management company in Canada. In January 2022, they saw OUCO’s product information through our official website and contacted our manager Nancy by phone, indicating that they needed a 1.5T8M folding and telescopi crane to be used in the Philippines, and also stating the other requirements, which required CCS classification society certification, independent custom ship crane operating table, and the electrical part needed Soft start.

CCS surveyor communicates with project leader
CCS surveyor communicates with project leader

According to this demand, Nancy communicated with the engineer of OUCO factory, engineers designed and completed the CAD drawing of this custom marine crane, which was sent to the customer for confirmation. The customer was satisfied with our design drawings,and the details have been further confirmed and modified. After everything was finalized, Manager Nancy made a complete quotation, After the Spring Festival holiday in February, the customer paid for the order, the whole communication process was very smooth!

The 1.5T8M marine folding and telescopic boom crane manufactured by OUCO.It is always popular among customers because of its compact structure design which can save more space. It is also the model always in stock in OUCO workshop.

After OUCO received this customer order, we immediately customized the electrical part (soft start) based on the existing stock of boat crane, and equipped with extra long hydraulic hoses according to the customer’s requirements. 3.5M hoses were used from the crane body of the boat crane to the operator’s console, and 4.5M hoses were used from the HPU to the operator’s console.

The whole crane is painted with white topcoat, the paint standard is 300μm according to the marine environment, and as usual, we use Jotun paint. Not only beautiful but also ensure the quality of painting. After all the custom parts were prepared, we assembled and commissioned the crane, and as requested by the customer, the CCS surveyor came to our factory to inspect the crane. Finally, the crane successfully passed the CCS inspection!

This marine crane is shipped as a whole set, so it is easy to connect, maintain or change boats for use. It is also provided with English electrical schematic diagram, hydraulic schematic diagram, operator’s desk drawing and instruction manual, etc. we can also assist in installation and use through our video instruction.

All along, OUCO has been winning customers’ trust through quality service and promote business with a professional attitude,our products are well recognized by our customers, if you also need marine crane , please feel free to contact us to get more details!


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