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OUCO supplies all ship deck crane types to companies worldwide. Our advanced equipment has been certified by top-end organizations, and we follow all government regulations.

All this is to offer you the best ship deck cranes for your marine applications.


Ship Deck Cranes Manufacturer

As a professional ship deck cranes manufacturer, we supply a wide range of ship deck crane types. These cranes are perfect for lifting heavy cargo on or off the deck of a ship.

You can request different designs and sizes of ship deck cranes to fit the dimensions of your decks.

OUCO will send you a drawing and a quote within 24 hours of your request. Whether you need a crane to lift cargo, fish, or boats, our team will present you with the perfect ship deck solution.

OUCO Ship Deck Cranes

stiff boom marine crane

With the fixed boom and easy structure to make the crane easy maintenance and service life longer.

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane

With reasonable design and space saving on ship deck

foldable knuckle boom crane

With flexible working radius and space saving on ship deck.

1.5t36.6m Offshore Crane

Heavy duty capacities and suitable for offshore sea conditions and higher wave height.

Telescopic Crane

Flexible working radius with high efficiency in lifting cargoes, suitable for longer and shorter range both

yacht crane

Designing with compact structure to make the appearance appealing, high quality with easy maintenance.

cargo crane

Heavy duty lifting capacities with easy maintenance and operation, long service life.

Why Choose OUCO?

OUCO ship deck cranes are highly reliable. Our flaw detection and quality system audit staff inspect every order to make sure that our cranes never fail you.

We use specialized steel that withstands the demanding conditions of marine environments.

With OUCO, you can load and unload cargo from your ship deck with ease and confidence.

Ship Deck Cranes


KTB marine crane manufacturer process

What is a Ship Deck Cranes?

A Ship Deck Crane is a particular type of specialized lifting equipment that really can load and drop a ship.

Ship deck cranes are employed to perform underwater installation operations.

They improve transit by relocating ships and boats from the landing area to storage.

Typically, deck hulls are equipped with enormous cranes for heavy lifting, recovery, and wreckage disposal.

What are the Uses of Ship Deck Cranes?

Three different drives provide the main ship deck cranes movements:

  • For elevating the load, a hoisting engine is used.
  • A jib is a luffing motor that raises or lowers the jib.
  • A slewing motor controls the crane’s rotation.

The ship deck crane usually is situated on a pedestal to provide the operators with an optimum view.

The working medium for ship deck crane motors can be hydraulic or electric.

What are the Advantages of Ship Deck Cranes?

Ship deck cranes must be operated and managed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Should make sure that there is enough technical knowledge available, such as the following:

  • Lift the burden at an appropriate rate.
  • Drop the load on the hold with care.
  • Have excellent movements.
  • All fittings must be able to withstand a safe working load.
  • Allow higher power on startup when overloaded, then reduce power when the load is removed.
  • Drops and top lifts are measured in length, magnitude, and safe operating load.
  • The boom limits angles.
  • The strength and stability of the winches and cranes used to hoist freight on board must be suitable for each load.
Why Might a Ship Be Fitted with Deck Cranes?

Deck cranes are installed on a vast number of ships.

They take quicker time to get ready for handling freight than drilling rigs.

And then have the benefit of being able to arrange goods in the hold more precisely.

Cranes with unique container terminal equipment are required on cargo vessels that arrive in locations with limited transshipment capabilities.

  • Deck-mounted cranes with a raising capacity of up to 50 tons are suitable for traditional cargo hauling and snatching activities.
  • Ships that specialize in transporting weighty loads, on the other hand, are almost always equipped with unique derrick systems.
What are the Types of Ship Deck Cranes Utilized on Board?
  • Derricks or Cargo Winches

Freight winches are utilized in conjunction with the different transshipment derrick methods.

When the unit is installed, it is rated for a safe working load and usually comes with a two-speed option.

  • Jib cranes

Derricks have been replaced with cranes on many modern ships.

Ship deck cranes, which are placed between the holds on 360-degree rotating levels.

It provides a ready-to-use unit that only takes one person to operate.

  • Gantry cranes

Each gantry is made of open steel and consists of a horizontal span supported by two columns. 

Gantries offer a base for shipboard cranes. The gantry spans the ship’s length, with each pair of legs resting on rails.

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OUCO CRANES reasonable price and perfect performance.
By Amar Saidin on 2021-12-15
OUCO CRANES reasonable price and perfect performance.
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OUCO CRANES reasonable price and perfect performance.
By Moorthy on 2021-11-16
OUCO CRANES reasonable price and perfect performance.
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My friends recommended the OUCO crane to me
By Mohiuddin on 2021-11-02
My friends recommended the OUCO crane to me,i contacted with the Nancy,she is very professional and help me solve many problems.
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13t12m telescopic boom marine crane is really good
By Gulzar Shaikh on 2021-10-20
13t12m telescopic boom marine crane is really good.This crane also with double brake.
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I am very satisfied with 5t15m stiff boom offshore crane.
By Anna on 2021-09-26
I am very satisfied with 5t15m stiff boom offshore crane.
star star star star star
The ship deck crane was installed already
By Gina on 2021-09-15
The ship deck crane was installed already and the quality is good.
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