Yacht/Boat Travel Lift Crane

OUCO certifications

High-efficiency mobile yacht lift crane used in shipyard and port for lifting yacht/boat out of water for maintenance.

Mobile boat lift is widely used in foreign countries, especially in professional yacht marina or yacht club. Because of its characteristics such as simple operation, convenient maintenance, mobile and flexibility, a mobile boat lift is the key lifting and handling equipment for a yacht or small ships in and out of the water. And it has high safety and reliability.

In addition, a mobile boat hoist is also an efficient and convenient tool for professional maintenance and repair of the company, saving the maintenance cost for the yacht users and improving the efficiency and benefits for the users. With the development of the yacht industry in China, it is believed that the mobile boat hoist will be widely used in various professional yacht terminals in near future.

Yacht/Boat Travel Lift Crane Features

  • The lifting and running are all hydraulic transmission systems. The hydraulic transmission has a transmission device, which is stable, fast, and small.;
  • It has a small size, lightweight, and compact structure;
  • It is operated simply and is convenient and easy to automate;
  • It can realize speed control conveniently in operation;
  • It is easy to implement overload protection;
  • It consists of the main structure, walking wheel group, lifting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, and other parts. And it can handle the boat with a height exceeding its own height;
  • Travel lifts adopt multi-point lifting, which can effectively disperse the force of the hull. The spacing of each crane can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hulls;
  • Use soft and solid lifting straps to lift the hull of the ship, yacht, or wooden boat without any damage to the surface of the ship;
  • You can quickly arrange the ships together in sequence. The distance between the hull can be small and the space can be saved;
YachtBoat Travel Lift Crane

Technical Specification

OUCO Certificate

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