12 Cubic Meter Wireless/Radio Remote Control Grabs

OUCO certifications

  • Grab Bucket Wireless Remote Control
  • SWL 12 Cubic Remote Control Grab
  • Total suspended load (t) 18.5
  • Grab weight (t) 6.8
  • Capacity (m3) 12
  • Grab weight (t) 7.5
  • Lifting capacity (t) 25T
  • Dead weight (t) 9500kg

OUCO remote control grab bucket whose transmitter can be operated up to a max distance of 100 meters from the grab, which is fitted with remote control receiver. The grab can be operated approx 30 days before the batteries need to be charged.

Main Features and Advantages

1.Designed to single wired cranes

2.No need any electric supply or motor, runs with battery

3.Opens by radio remote control, closes by rope equipment

4.When a cylinder fails, it can work single cylinder for a while

5.Manufactured in range of 1 CBM to 50 CBM capacity

12 Cubic Meter WirelessRadio Remote Control Grabs

Technical Specs of 12 Cubic Meter WirelessRadio Remote Control Grabs

GA of 12 Cubic Meter WirelessRadio Remote Control Grabs

OUCO Certifications

Details of Four Ropes Mechanical Grab Bucket High Efficiency

We have examined every detail in the production process.

Packing & Shipping

We try to keep shipping as a whole to reduce installation time. It is our pleasure to allow you to use our crane as soon as possible.

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