Special Design Material Handler

OUCO certifications

Customized Material Handler
Max boom (m/m): 4.2-7.3
Working pressure (Mpa): 16-19
Load capacity at 4m (kg): 300-900
Load capacity at max (kg): 300-500
Lifting force (kn.m): 28-63
Roraty force (kn.m): 7-11.1
Roraty angle (°): L180,R180
No.Cylinder: 4
Boom weight (kg): 243-915
A outrigger weight (kg): 146-240
Grab weight (kg): 72-145

Product Description

OUCO material handling solutions provide a range of applications including waste recycling, transfer station operations, foundry use, feeding of shredders, balers, or conveyors. OUCO material handling equipment is designed to reduce operating costs by streamlining the material handling facet of the job. In transfer stations, this can be done by maximizing weights in trailers leaving the site and by improving sorting. Loading, leveling, and topping. And remote operation improves on-site safety while improving separation and sorting capability.

Because of the difference in material handling applications, a range of options to meet your specification requirements.

Special Design Material Handler

Technical Specification

General Arrangement

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