Semi-Automatic Over-Height Container Spreader

OUCO certifications

The Semi-Automatic Over-Height Container Spreader is the ideal choice to suit moderate over-sized cargo traffic optimizing safety efficiency.

Product Features

  • SWL: 50t (standard)
  • Tare: 3.6t for 40ft and 3t for 20ft
  • Fixed 20ft / fixed 40ft or telescopic 20ft to 45 ft
  • Variable free height from 2.0 – 3.0m.
  • Connected to the spreader through the twist locks of the main spreader
  • Requires no modification/intervention on the spreaders at the terminal
  • Universal – works with any type of spreader and on any type of machine
  • No need require a parking stand and can be parked anywhere in the terminal
  • Easy maintenance due to only mechanical parts
  • Red/green colored panels indicate the crane operator of the situation of the twist locks
  • Transportable inside a 20ft container to reduce costs
  • Includes instructions, maintenance instructions
Semi-Automatic Over-Height Container Spreader

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