Belt Conveyor Port Hopper

OUCO certifications

  • Product NAME: Belt Port Hopper
  • Discharging Capacity: 400- 1000TPH
  • Travel Assembly: 4 Nos
  • The volume of Hopper: 40-100 CBM
  • Stairs/Ladder Optional
  • Size of Grating Depends on the material
  • Conveyor Belt Port Hopper High Efficiency

Product Description

OUCO Conveyor design and manufacture a wide range of hopper/feeder units to customers’ specific requirements and to suit required capacities and feed arrangements.
Discharge from the Eco-Hopper may be direct to a belt conveyor for a fixed installation. In this case, the bulk material is reclaimed by a gravity discharge unit which feeds the material onto the conveyor at the required output rate.

Unloading with traveling hoppers has the advantage of being a very flexible solution. The throughput of the terminal can be increased by just adding one or more hoppers, provided the collecting belt conveyor and the subsequent handling equipment are designed for future capacity increase with larger vessels.

1-Belt Conveyor Port Hopper

Technical Specs of Belt Conveyor Port Hopper

GA of Belt Conveyor Port Hopper

Our Certification

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