Marine JIB Crane

OUCO Marine JIB Crane do not need oil or power than traditional cranes, making it environmentally friendly and reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

This new technology will revolutionize industries such as fishing where there is often little space for larger cranes on boats in cramped quarters.

Also, it is specialized equipment that allows you to lift boats up to 20 t. The maximum performance models have been designed for working in extreme marine environments like the ones found at sea or near coastal areas where there may not always be access roads available.

Why OUCO Marine JIB Crane

OUCO is a recommended marine JIB crane manufacturer and provider. We have complete manufacturing equipment and quality testing equipment which guarantee you the best kind of crane. If you require lifting equipment for the marine industry, then OUCO is the right place for you.

We build a strong and extraordinary marine JIB crane that is ideal in any marine field. As a trustable manufacturer, you can always expect satisfying services and functional cranes from us. We can consider your idea and specifications to meet your unique needs.

Marine JIB Crane

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What is Marine JIB Crane to Marine Industry

OUCO is a professional marine JIB manufacturer. We produce an excellent crane that is certified by SGS, ABS, ISO, and other certifications. Whether you need a high-quality marine JIB crane, always count on OUCO. A marine JIB crane from OUCO has the best and reliable function. Superior quality and stable performance are your assurance.

OUCO marine JIB crane that is perfect for creating a large ship. They have extra strength making them ideal for lifting heavy things during the long distance. Moreover, the marine JIB crane makes the job of workers easily. They are perfect for repairing marine equipment and fixing bridges.

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Marine JIB Crane Endurance and Capacity

Endurance and Capacity

There are some of the features and characteristics of Marine JIB Crane:

  • It has a full capacity and ensures a trouble-free operation
  • Can handle multiple jobs and carry heavy-duty materials
  • It offers a smooth, safe, and easy operation
  • Has rugged and strong construction which can withstand harsh weather condition

Maintenance and Inspection

The OUCO marine JIB crane is very important to have a regular inspection to enhance safety. They have simple and easy maintenance enable to maintain their quality.

You will have the best operation if you inspect and maintain the following parts.

  • Hoists
  • steel wires
  • motor
  • safety switches

It is recommended to keep them in good condition to avoid any minimal accidents. The OUCO marine JIB crane will give an awesome operation when they are in the best status.

100% Support on marine jib crane Maintenance
What is a Marine JIB Crane?

Marine jib cranes are designed to hoist boats weighing up to 20 tons.

It’s also built to withstand the harsh elements of the sea. 

Besides, marine jib cranes can comprise a structure and slings for raising the boats if desired.

What are the Advantages of Marine JIB Crane?

With up to six models sized to meet your lifting, range, and depth requirements.

Adjustable speed drive is conventional for motion and rotations.

Constructed to the unique requirements of each instance. Here is some advantage in the following:

  • The setup is straightforward and quick.
  • 360º electrical rotation; for accurate, controlled movement.
  • High-quality performance and flexibility
  • All motions use a changeable engine.
  • Improves precision.
  • Extends the life of the brakes.
  • Enhances fuel efficiency.
  • High-durability and specific stiffness
  • Powerful crane with a galvanized cable that has been specifically twisted for long life.
  • Servicing is kept to a bare minimum and is straightforward to access.
What are those Applications of Marine JIB Crane?

Jib cranes are commonly employed in the deepwater drilling business in the maritime environment.

It has also widely been employed on the sea, maritime uses. 

The following are examples of typical marine jib crane applications:

  • Equipment transport, submersion, or retrieval in the ocean.
  • Moving supplies and equipment about the deck
  • Machinery and commodities are moved to, from other sites and ships.
How Does a Marine JIB Crane Rotate?

Hand-powered rotation and traverse motion are joint in marine jib cranes while rotating.

Either while battery-powered or hand-powered.

Push and pull are used to power the hand-powered rotation and traverse action.

How Much Does a Marine JIB Crane Cost?

Marine jib cranes come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

A marine jib crane’s price is determined by its capacity, span, working environment, duty cycle, and extra structural or architectural concerns.

Consider the following factors to ensure you acquire the best marine jib crane for the best price:

  • The kind of marine jib crane you’ll require
  • The maximum rated load that your marine jib crane is capable of lifting.
  • The required lift, or the expected height of your marine jib crane
  • The marine jib crane’s speed will be required.

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The marine jib crane i bought, simple structure
By Ms.Ella on 2021-11-20
The marine jib crane i bought, simple structure, robust and easy to maintain.
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Very nice marine jib crane.
By Lasanga on 2021-10-18
Very nice marine jib crane.
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I ordered this marine jib crane for our floating dock
By Mike on 2021-09-16
I ordered this marine jib crane for our floating dock,high work efficiency.
star star star star star
The marine jib crane is very durable and cost-effective.
By VladimirasPetruchinas on 2021-08-20
The marine jib crane is very durable and cost-effective.
star star star star star
I highly recommend 1T10M Jib crane.
By Samuel on 2021-08-01
I highly recommend 1T10M Jib crane.
star star star star star
Thanks to the OUCO engineer's help
By Nadeem on 2021-07-20
Thanks to the OUCO engineer's help, help me chose the suitable marine jib crane.
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