Marine Deck Winches

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Deck winches are designed for anchoring, mooring, towing, as well as lifting and pulling heavy objects onto the deck. 

Marine deck winches can be found on nearly every ship, and at OUCO, you will be able to find the perfect winch. 

We supply electric, hydraulic, manual deck winches, with the first two options being the most efficient and reliable. 

OUCO marine deck winches can be manufactured as a single-chain gypsy, double gypsy, or a combination of chain gypsies. Other features include mooring drums and warping heads. 

Depending on your requirements, we will supply you with either chain deck winches or rope winches.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Marine Deck Winches Manufacturer?

OUCO marine deck winches for sale come in many configurations that we can customize for you.

Our standard configurations and designs are based on our patents and configurations provided by leading brands, like ABB, Danfoss, Parker, Leduc, Siemens, etc

You can trust our quality and dedication to your success.

Marine Deck Winches

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What is a Marine Deck Winch?

It is significant deck equipment manufactured for a variety of purposes. It has clawing, mooring, as well as carrying bulk cargo on the boats.

As the name implies, it is mounted on the deck of the ships. It can be hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, or diesel engine powered.

By means of cables, it permits the hook to be lifted or to be taken down.

What are The Different Types of a Marine Deck Winch?

This type of winch can be classified into different types such as the following:

  1. Mooring Marine Deck Winch

It can effectively function when the ship is docking as a drift, assist, and mounting during the process.

  1. Anchor Mooring Marine Deck Winch

It is made to execute both hooking and mooring processes. It can be hydraulic or electric.

  1. Positioning Marine Deck Winch

It could be a four-point, six-point, or eight-point positioning.

  1. CapstanMarine Deck Winch

It is a small Marine Deck Winch that is utilized for hooking and mooring on a deck. It can be single, double, or triple speed.

  1. Towing Marine Deck Winch

It is primarily mounted on the aft deck of a boat to hook different boats.


This type of marine winch can secure the equipment to avoid corrosion or damage on the surface.

It also offers a high quality of functioning for boats and can meet the customers’ and markets’ requirements.

It has a typical layout system and is surely certified for marine utilization.

It has a large driven and tension power to appropriately control the marine functioning.

  • It is cost-friendly and has low noise
  • It has dependable and simple load sensors
  • It has outstanding performance and compact structure
  • It is available in regenerative variants and low harmonic
What are The Factors To Consider When Selecting a Marine Deck Winch?

There are a number of factors needed to be contemplated in the selection of the right Marine Deck Winch such as the following:

  • The purpose of the winch
  • Its size, overall length, and displacement of the boat
  • Type of drive shaft
  • Deck thickness
  • Chain security
  • Type and size of chain or rope
  • Line pulls and speed
What is The Structure of a Marine Deck Winch?

This type of marine winch is simple equipment mainly incorporated with drums, wire chains, manual clutch, power, and control system.

It is strongly manufactured for water operations by utilizing quality steel.

It also comes with a certain substance for longer life in tough sea environments.

Materials Used:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel Galvanized
  • Other Excellent Materials

Various Safety Features of a Marine Deck Winch:

The Marine Deck Winch should be equipped with the following feature which assures its security:

  • Emergency Release
  • Overload Limiter
  • Manual Hand Brake
  • Rope Guide
  • Automatic Braking Device
What Are Different Marine Deck Winches Options?

There are various options when choosing the right marine deck winches.

Here are many options like the following:

  1. Application of auto tension device
  2. Remote control equipment
  3. Tension monitoring system
  4. Reduction gear that is enclosed
  5. Mechanical length wire indicator
  6. Mechanical type of chain counter
  7. The brake drum can be stainless steel
  8. Spring applied kind of brake
  9. Spring applied hydraulic release kind of brake

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Suitable for offshore working condition
By Ricardo Freitas on
Suitable for offshore working condition.
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Customized drum capacity
By Abraham on
Customized drum capacity.
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Efficiently regardless of the weather conditions
By marc on
Efficiently regardless of the weather conditions.
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safety features such as the emergency release function
By Jeremy Scroggins on
safety features such as the emergency release function or the overload protection system.
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Efficiency and suitability
By Juan on
Efficiency and suitability.
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