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OUCO anchor windlasses are reliable machines that restrain and manipulate the anchor chain on a boat. This allows the anchor to be raised and lowered via a chain cable. A specially designed notched wheel engages the links of the chain or the rope to create necessary tension.

Our anchor windlasses come in manual, electric, and hydraulic drive options. The configuration includes a cable lifter, a drum, and a warping head. This way, OUCO anchor windlasses are versatile, capable of anchor handling, automatic mooring, and towing.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Anchor Windlass Manufacturer?

OUCO anchor windlasses for sale are capable of lifting loads of 3000kN, and lowering an anchor down to 400m. 

Our anchor windlasses are flexible in use, easy to operate, and powerful. 

We have a full set of advanced factory equipment, collaborations with leading brands, and all necessary certifications.

Anchor Windlass

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What is Anchor Windlass?

An anchor windlass is a machine that controls the anchor chain of the boat. It allows to lift and drop the anchor. And also, it is necessary for the safety of the ship.

What are the Types of Anchor Windlass?

There are two types of anchor windlass:

Vertical Windlass

One of the most common types among the anchor windlass. It is perfectly fit for big anchor lockers. The gearbox and motor are safe below the deck and more lightweight than horizontal anchor windlass.

Horizontal Windlass

The horizontal windlass was installed over the deck. It is suitable for small lockers. This type of windlass is easy to install and has a 34mm free fall.

How Does an Anchor Windlass Works?

Windlass refers to the parallel movement of the weight. The captain or personnel use windlass together with a capstan to move more to a significant degree.

How to Maintain the Anchor Windlass?

1. Put grease or oil, especially the moving parts

In inspecting the windlass, it should be disassembling the chain wheel and other systems and greasing all the moving parts.

2. Inspect the Anchor Rode

It is important to check the anchor rode because it gets wet and dries often.

3. Clean and Wax

You can use water and soap to clean the windlass and other parts. And to protect it from rust or decomposition because of saltwater.

4. Check the Whole Rode

The entire rode can’t be seen often, so it should be checked to avoid any issue or problem.

5. Electrical Tie

All electrical ties should be checked to ensure that they are all free from corrosion, from the motor of the windlass, control box, and sockets.

6. The motor should be checked

To avoid any rust from the motor, check the motor housing in order to remain its functions. If you see that it is seriously rusted, you need to remove the motor and replace a new one.

7. Inspect the other parts

Other parts of the anchor windlass play an important role on the ship, like buttons, switches, panels, and control panels.

How to Install Anchor Windlass?

Step 1: Ensure that the gypsy places its proper position together with the roller

Step 2: Put a distance between gypsy and roller for at least 1 meter

Step 3: Uphold the right angle of the chain on a windlass

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Provides the resistive forces
By Louis Morgan on
Provides the resistive forces.
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Advanced anchor windlass system
By Alan Schilbach on
Advanced anchor windlass system.
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Able to lift heavy weights
By Antonio Paiva on
Able to lift heavy weights.
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Allows a higher degree of control while operating the device.
By Tony Poyser on
Allows a higher degree of control while operating the device.
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High-demand commodity on board
By Jose Peguero Batista on
High-demand commodity on board.
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More accessible
By Nabil on
More accessible in the event of emergencies.
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