How to make marine cranes?

As a special crane, boat lifting crane is mainly used for transportation operations performed on the ocean, such as the transfer of goods between ships, the supply of marine materials, and the delivery and recovery of underwater operation equipment.

Because the environment where the boat lifting crane is applied is mainly at sea, considering the harsh environment of use, the quality of the marine crane itself must be guaranteed. Therefore, knowing the manufacturing process of a marine crane will help us a lot in purchasing high-quality marine cranes. Next, marine cranes manufacturers,OUCO will introduce to you how we manufacture a marine crane.

①First, our engineering team will complete the design of the crane sketch, and then it will be reviewed by a third party. As a global supplier of crane products, OUCO will select different classification societies for review according to the needs of customers. Only after the approval of the plan will we start the next step.

②After that, we will carry out material inspection, blanking, cutting and forming, these steps are all taken care of by our roughing team.

Usually we use Q345B steel plates. If the products you buy are used in cold areas, we will use Q345C and Q345D steel plates, which can support sub-zero temperatures. As for the choice of ship board, whether it is corrosion-resistant AH36 ship board or S690, HG70 ship board with higher strength, we can also customize it according to your needs.

③The riveting and welding steps are handled by our welding team. Our welding procedures are strictly in accordance with the Welding procedure specification. Our welding team is all senior technicians with classification society certification and AWS certificate. We strictly implement the manufacturing standards of marine cranes , After the welding team completes the work, there will also be inspectors from the classification society come to the factory to conduct non-destructive tests, such as radiograph test or ultrasonic test, to ensure that the product quality is absolutely safe and reliable.

④Afterwards, we will carry out the step of grinding the crane. We will carefully grind the dents and dents caused by welding to ensure the smoothness and beauty of the product.

⑤ After the grinding process, the surface of the crane needs to be sandblasted. Only the crane that has gone through the sandblasting step can ensure the durability of the primer. OUCO will have a special painting team to blast the crane. ⑥ When the sandblasting is completed, we will spray the primer. Some marine cranes manufacturers will skip this step to reduce costs, but when it is actually used at sea, unblasted cranes can easily peel off the primer under natural conditions. In addition, our primer is made of high-quality epoxy zinc-rich material, which naturally dries quickly, has strong adhesion and strong anti-corrosion ability.

⑦The last step of the manufacturing process is Machining. Our machining team will use professional machines to carry out boring machine, lathe machine, milling machine, planing machine and drilling machine. The C5M standard for the environment, so that the manufacturing process of the offshore crane is complete.

⑧In addition to the manufacturing process, there are some steps that are also very important. For example, after all the processing and manufacturing links are completed, our engineers and technicians will carry out the assembly and commisionning of the crane.

In addition, the acceptance test of the classification society is also essential. The inspection personnel of the classification society will conduct the final acceptance, and after passing the inspection, a certificate of acceptance of the parts by the classification society will be issued.

As one of the professional marine cranes manufacturers in China, OUCO INDUSTRY strictly abides by the above procedures. After completing all the above steps, our packaging team will pack and ship, and you will be able to get a satisfactory marine crane soon.




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