Crane brand introduction: helping you understand the industry

According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association data show that China’s crane perennial exports far exceed imports.

since 2010 years of China’s crane exports show cyclical changes and rise year by year, 2019-2020.

China’s crane exports continue to break new records. Even during the epidemic since 2020, China’s crane exports are still more than 11,000 units.

In 2022, the market outlook for the crane industry in China is still worth looking forward to.

The next for you to introduce the well-known brands in the Chinese crane industry, perhaps to help you choose!


Top ten marine Crane brands in China

  • OUCO Heavy Industry and Technology Co.,Ltd
  • ZHONGLIAN Co., Ltd.
  • Fuyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Dingli Hi-Tech Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Pan Kuang cantilever crane manufacturers
  • Kaicheng Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • FangDa Heavy Industry
  • Beijing Heavy Industry
  • Shandong Xinyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Longstar Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.
OUCO Factory
OUCO Factory


 12 Tips of choose a crane manufacturer

  • Whether the manufacturer has the ability of independent research and development, design and manufacturing
  • Whether the material of the marine steel can meet the marine standard
  • Whether the welders are certified by classification societies(IACS
  • Whetherthe crane boom cross-section shape support customization
  • Whether simulated marine working condition
  • Whether to provide crane slewing support capacity parameters
  • Marine electrical components protection measures
  • Whether it is equipped with a safety device for the dangerous situation of the crane
  • Crane operating system
  • Whether equipped with emergency stop device
  • Whether to use anti-corrosive spray paint standard for painting process
  • Whether to provide installation guidance
Factory production area
Factory production area

Top ten grab bucket brands in China

  • Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • OUCO Heavy Industry and Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Henan Guangshan Heavy Industry
  • Shandong Yanqi Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Lingkong Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Oliton Crane (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Gruber Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongzhou Crane Manufacturer
  • Jiangsu Kezhong Crane Manufacturer
  • East Dragon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 

How to choose a grab bucket manufacturer?

  • Whether the manufacturer support International Classification Society certification
  • Welding processes used in the production of grab buckets
  • Production standards of the grab manufacture
  • Paint standards for grab surfaces
  • Required shackles for electro-hydraulic grabs
  • Whether to provide wire and wire reel
  • Whether the grab supports custom leak-proof function

OUCO strictly adheres to the crane production standards.The quality of the cranes produced is guaranteed and recognized by all customers.


How to choose a remote control grab manufacturer?

  • To choose the right manufacturer, you need to consider the following points.
  • Whether the batteries equipped by the manufacturer for the remote control grab
  • Manufacturing standards for remote control grabs from suppliers
  • The structure of the balancing frame connecting the remote grab to the crane
  • Whether it supports International Classification Society certification
  • Whether the manufacturer provides replacement parts

OUCO reminds you that remote control grabs generally require a working height of 8-10M and you need to consider whether there is enough space between crane and grab!


Factors to consider when choosing a crane manufacturer?

The crane manufacturer’s service team is important. A professional crane manufacturer will have a team in charge of every step of the process to ensure timely and effective communication with customers.

Take OUCU INDUSTRY as an example, OUCO has excellent support teams to solve all your needs, we have:

  • Design and development team
  • Processing and manufacturing team
  • Welding and Weld Flaw Detection Team
  • Painting Team
  • equipment Installation Team
  • Transportation and Delivery Team
  • Sales & Consulting Team
  • After-sales service Team
OUCO support teams
OUCO support teams
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