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OUCO certified freight containers

As a well-known manufacturer of freight containers in China, OUCO has its own manufacturing plant and production lines to produce new and high-quality containers directly for customers. It’s our pleasure to help our global customers build new containers that meet their needs.

Our containers are versatile and can be used for maritime transport, Rail transport and trucking, sizes range from 10ft – 45ft. If you need, we can supply IICL-5, ISO, CCS, ABS, DNV, and BV certifications.

We have many case studies for your reference and are ready to provide you with reasonable and transparent quotations.

Why Choose OUCO Freight Containers from China?

Do you know? Approximately 90% percent of new freight containers are manufactured in China and sold through your local distributor. But you can now choose the original design manufacturer directly to help you save considerable money.

As a manufacturing company in China, OUCO truly understands all your requirements for containers. We support all your custom requirements and offer a 1-year warranty. You can customize various containers from us with confidence.

Benefits and Features of OUCO Freight Containers

The products we provide you are suitable for maritime transportation, railway and warehousing, single-colored and without large logos, with standard welded protective case, and have the following advantages:

Excellent material: high-quality Corten steel, professionally designed protective door, anti-compression

Long-term durability: fully enclosed steel structure, no welds, stable structure, unparalleled sturdiness

Surface protection: dedicated to sea transportation, spray-painted and galvanized process, high-temperature resistance, not oxidize or corrode easily

Accessories and Options

We offer customization options and add-on options for all containers, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for below, please contact us directly.

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Double Door / Open Side
  • Watertight Steel Construction
  • Access Doors
  • Customized color and painting
  • Ventilation Valves
  • Steel or Aluminium Floor
  • Electrical Power
  • Ground Level Access
  • Lock Box

Latest Finished Freight Container

Our best selling product, constructed of corrosion resistant Corten steel, waterproof and easy to move.

The most widely used container for storage or freight, in accordance with ISO standard, CSC-plated.

The most common freight container, with a larger storage space, can store long cargo. Dimensions: 40′ Long x 8′ Wide x 9’6″ High

There are lockable bi-fold doors on one of the side walls that can be fully opened.  Dimensions: 40′ Long x 8′ Wide x 8’6″ High.

Equipped with double doors at both end walls, convenient for loading and storing goods.

Galvanized steel structure, equipped with Refrigerating system, temperature range -30 °C and +20 °C.


What are the 8 types of freight containers?

20ft & 40ft Containers – The most commonly used container type, mostly used for loading dry cargo.

High Cube Containers – Same as the standard container, but higher. Used for transporting super high and large cargo.

Reefer Containers – With a temperature control function, refrigerated containers are used for moving goods at a certain temperature.

Double-door Containers – It has cargo doors on both ends of the container. Convenient for loading cargo from either end, preferable for transporting vehicles.

Open-top Containers – Used when the cargo is too large to fit in regular containers, typically used to haul or ship oversized equipment or cargo.

Pallet-wide Containers – Designed for Euro pallets. Keep the cargo packed tightly to minimize the risk of cargo slipping.

Flat-rack Containers – Used for heavy loads and cargo that need loading from the top or sides such as pipes machinery, or buses.

Open Side Containers – One side of the container is fitted with double doors. Convenient for loading bulky cargo that cannot fit through the end doors.

Types of Freight Container

Please let us know what goods you would like to store and we will advise you on the appropriate options.

What are the grades of freight container?

The world-recognized container grades are divided into:
IICL standard containers (International Institute of Container Lessors) – A high-quality container to be long-term leased for export and cargo transportation.

Cargo Worthy Container (CWP) – Cargo worthy, means the condition of the container considered suitable for the carriage of goods under the CSC standard, sufficiently strong and weatherproof.

Windproof and Watertight Container (WWT) – Available for 10-15 years of international cargo transportation. No wind or water can penetrate the container, and have no cracks or holes.

AS-IS Container – Badly damaged, with rust and dents, has been used for a long time and can be used for recycling steel.

Do you offer used containers?

We rarely offer used containers, we manufacture and deliver containers directly.

We send you weekly progress from production

However, if you want to rent containers and buy used containers from China, please contact us and we will help you in any way we can!

What are the differences between used and new freight container?

According to the condition, we divide the container into two categories.

New Freight Container

  • Suitable for your various purposes
  • New useful life
  • No defects, complete structure
  • Brand new service life
  • With a warranty
  • Clean and no odors
  • More expensive than used containers

Used Freight Container

  • Lesser useful years
  • Defective quality
  • In need of overhaul and refurbishment
  • Maybe no warranties
  • Cheaper than a new container
  • Stains inside and out
  • Unable to store specific product
New Freight Container VS Used Freight Container

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, OUCO always recommends that you purchase a new freight container.

In addition, if you are not in a hurry to buy a new freight container, we recommend that you read this article to learn the maintenance and repair of containers.

Where can I buy shipping containers in China?

Where is the fastest place to buy a container? Yes, the port.

Typically, the ports and terminals are full of containers. So when you want to buy shipping containers quickly and in small quantities, just walk into the port.

But the disadvantage is that the port only has a small number of unused containers for sale, the price is more expensive, and it is almost impossible to customize the container.

You can also find containers through local dealers. They have a complete local sales network to meet your needs.

If you need to customize and purchase bulk containers at a lower price and avoid dealer markup, please choose the real manufacturer. A trusted freight container manufacturer is your best choice. Such as OUCO, we supply a large number of high-quality and cheap containers from China to the world.

Great Prices for China Freight Containers
Great Prices for China Freight Containers

All you have to do is fill out a form to request a quote from us. All your inquiries will be dealt with in the shortest possible time.

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Doha industries
By Harris Cover on 2022-12-02
A great buying experience, I don't know much about containers, give the request, provide the information and the needs are addressed. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received here and am glad I called! Looking forward to next cooperation:)
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Australia Coast
By Luisa on 2022-10-19
The salesman helped me with all my needs, enough space, the spray paint I needed. Thanks Team.
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Disha Engineering
By Kleine on 2022-09-26
The OUCO team sent me the container I desperately needed as quickly as possible. Thanks to the team for helping me out!
star star star star
By Syuuichi Ikeda on 2022-09-15
当社は毎週新しいコンテナを必要としていますが、Ouco のサービスと製品の品質はすべてのニーズを満たしています。 安定したご協力をいただけて光栄です
star star star star star
AMU Trading
By Thad Winner on 2022-07-02
The container I ordered was exactly what I wanted, next purchase will continue to buy from OUCO
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