Davit Crane for Boat

OUCO certifications

OUCO boat davit cranes for sale typically serve rescue purposes. We offer luffing davits designed for gravity launching and power-recovering boats. We also offer electric and hydraulic types, as well as single-arm and double-arm davit cranes for boats.

The hydraulic boat davit cranes have wave compensation systems for rough sea conditions. The electric boat davits are manufactured according to the latest regulations of the classification society.

You can request a telescoping boom and adjustable boom options for your OUCO davit crane for boats. This will increase the versatility of the davit, optimizing its use.

Why Choose OUCO As Your Boat Davit Crane Manufacturer?

As a prime manufacturer of davit cranes for boats, we always inspect the quality of every order. OUCO boat davit cranes are certified with ABS, CCS, DNV(GL), RMRS, NK, Rina, KR, CE, ISO, and SGS.

OUCO boat davit cranes are reliable, lightweight, portable, easy to operate, and easy to install.

Davit Crane For Boat

Features of OUCO Boat Davit Crane

Marine stainless steel and aluminum
Lifting Capacity up to 600 kg
Epoxy Powder coated steel structure
Hydraulic 360° slewing, telescoping and luffing
Counterweight with rubber inserts for cable tension
Wired control or wireless control optional
Emergency pump, manual control, no power supply required
Meet SOLAS 1974 and IMO requirements and provide relevant certifications

Versatility of The Boat Davit Crane

OUCO boat davit crane is mainly used for raising and lowering lifeboats or life rafts.

In addition, it is similar to the marine cranes we produce. Within the load range, you can use it instead of marine cranes to complete the work of handling goods.

Applicable to rescue boat, marine & offshore life raft, yacht, supply vessel, offshore support vessels.


Name Max Working Load Unit kn Main Data
14 21 23 25 33(for raft)
Slewing Radius mm ≤5400 ≤5400 ≤5400 ≤5500 ≤4500
Max. Slewing

Load/Hoisting Load

kn 14
Hoisting Speed of Wire Pop


m/min ≥18
Lowering Speed of Wire Pop m/min 40-60
Max. Slewing Angle m ≤330
Min. Slewing Angle m ≤110
Stored Power Slewing Angle r/min          0.6-0.8 0.4
Slewing Speed in Stored Power Driven r/min ≥0.25
Diameter of Wire Pop mm         Φ16  Φ18
Capacity of Drum m 30



What Is Davit Crane For Boat?

A davit is one of several crane-like devices used on ships to support, raise, and lower equipment . 

Davit devices are typical to lower an emergency lifeboat to the embarkation level.

How Do Boat Davits Work?

Boat davits are typical to suspend tiny, light boats like dinghies; they cannot arrest larger vessels. 

Davits frequently suspend rather than support the boat, putting severe strain on the hull.

Ensuring the standpipe in the boat, firmly secure the hull and deck structure, and fitted with a telescoping crane. 

The crane raises the dinghy from its cradle and slings the boom out over the side of the boat, lowering it into the water.

What Is A Boat Crane Called?

This type of crane is used to lift boats out of the water and move them around docks and marinas (also known as travel lifts).

How Much Is A Boat Crane?

A boat lift typically costs between $2000 and $20000. Consider that the cost of your boat lift will be approximately $1500 per ton lifted.

The cost of your boat lift will vary depending on the size of your boat, the style of lift you choose, the brand of lift you desire, and the location of the lift. 

The following table details the pricing ranges for several types of boat lifts:

  •     Cantilever boat lifts range in price from $1600 to $3500.
  •     Vertical boat lifts typically cost between $6000 and $20000, depending on the lift and optional amenities. Adding a power option, for instance, would increase the cost.
  •     Hydraulic boat lifts cost between $2000 and $12000, depending on the features you choose for your lift.
What are the Applications of Davit Crane for Boats?

Davit cranes for boats are widely used in the marine industry.

It is mainly used for lowering down or lifting up a lifeboat or anchor from the ship.

It can also be used for raising boats from the water.

Additionally, davit crane boats can also be used for loading and unloading heavy cargo.

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Comprei um guindaste no mêspassado e
By Tamer on 2022-07-23
Comprei um guindaste no mêspassado e estoumuitosatisfeito com a qualidade e orientaçãoprofissionalpós-venda
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I bought a crane with the Emergency stop device
By Peh on 2022-05-16
I bought a crane with the Emergency stop device. Really good.
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Binili ko ang crane para sasarilikongmgasisidlan
By Eric on 2022-04-05
Binili ko ang crane para sasarilikongmgasisidlan. Napakaganda at magandangtingnan.
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We required the crane can lifting people
By Samuel on 2021-12-26
We required the crane can lifting people,customized it for us. Recommend it.
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Vennene mine anbefalte meg å kjøpe OUCO kran
By Hoat on 2021-09-09
Vennene mine anbefalte meg å kjøpe OUCO kran. Kranen er veldig fin.
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Thank you for OUCO company
By Juan on 2021-06-03
Thank you for OUCO company, can provide me with the classification society certificate .
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